What does this mean?  - Editing

What does this mean? – Editing

COVID-19 pandemic in Francea file

We’ve been hearing a lot in recent days that Covid could become an endemic disease. Presented evolution as a possible way out of the crisis.

Question from Thomas on January 13th.

The frenetic rate of contamination associated with the omicron and the lower risk of this new alternative could open the way out of the health crisis. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) estimated at a press conference on Tuesday that we are heading “Towards the endemicity of the virus”, Before reminding that the SARS-CoV-2 virus “It’s still behaving like a pandemic virus and the omicron emergency clearly shows this.”

“We must not forget that we are still in a pandemic. However, with increased immunity in the population – and with an Omicron there will be a lot of natural immunity in addition to vaccination – we will move quickly towards a scenario closer to endemicity,” Marco Cavalieri, EMA’s head of vaccine strategy, continued.

This idea is not new, as already in May 2020, the World Health Organization indicated this “This virus can become endemic in our communities, [et] It never disappears.” At that time, when hope of eradicating the virus was still possible, the news was not reported enthusiastically in the media.

Permanent and stable trading

What is an endemic epidemic? First of all, the term endemic makes it possible “To allocate space for spreading the virus, Explains virologist Bruno Lina. It is a virus that is permanently resident in a specific geographic area or population, such as dengue in traffic areas where mosquitoes are the vector.

In the scientific literature, this expression also describes a permanent and stable circulation. she “Refers to a virus whose presence is relatively constant in a population with widely predictable patterns and with a stable set of infected hosts capable of transmitting it to others,” The European Medicines Agency adds. corn “This endemicity can be associated with an outbreak of an epidemic, for which respiratory viruses easily take on a seasonal character when low temperatures are favorable for the circulation of viruses,” notes Arnaud Fontanet, professor at the Pasteur Institute. Thus, an endemic disease can also cause an epidemic during a certain period, as in the case of influenza or a common cold.

In these cases, we can then speak of an endemic disease. This is one of the hypotheses mentioned for Sars-Cov-2, as in Spain where health authorities are preparing a Covid management plan similar to that for other winter respiratory diseases. Note that the endemic trait characterizes the mode of circulation of the disease, not its severity. Thus the killer diseases (AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria) are considered endemic in certain regions of the world.

Similarities to the Russian flu.

However, according to the analysis of the interviewed scientists, endemicity of Sars-Cov-2 can be associated with a decrease in its severity. This constant circulation of the virus means that our immunity is regularly stimulated and strengthened with each encounter with the virus. In fact, the clinical manifestations of the disease become less severe over time in people who are increasingly better protected. Arnaud Fontanet develops.

Then, a booster dose of the vaccine would be necessary only for the most vulnerable people, in the fall, before the virus’s turnover accelerates. “We can take the analogy with the OC43 virus [présumé responsable selon certaines études d’une très grave épidémie, aussi appelée grippe russe, ndlr] which appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. One hundred and twenty years later, this virus that gives mild infection is still around. Ultimately, the SARS-CoV-2 virus may do the same,” he said. Bruno Lina analyzes. Provided, in particular, that no new variable appears “Very different from its predecessors which could temporarily call into question the stabilization of this balance due to its apparent virulence and immune escape capacity,” Arnaud Fontanet says:


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